Efina~Sue Spargo Collection


60 Wt Efina Thread

Available in 60 original colors by Sue Spargo


Efina™  is a 60wt 2 ply 100% Egyptian Cotton, made exclusively from 100% Giza 88 – the highest calibre extra long staple Egyptian Cotton. Fibres spun with Giza 88 are prized for their extreme softness, strength, and unparalleled lustre. Uniformity in diameter makes Efina™ the perfect choice for hand and machine appliqué as well as machine piecing.

Available in 60 original Sue Spargo colours on handy 150m spools.

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ef01, ef02, ef03, ef04, ef05, ef06, ef07, ef08, ef09, ef10, ef11, ef12, ef13, ef14, ef15, ef16, ef17, ef18, ef19, ef20, ef21, ef22, ef23, ef24, ef25, ef26, ef27, ef28, ef29, ef30, ef31, ef32, ef33, ef34, ef35, ef36, ef37, ef38, ef39, ef40, ef41, ef42, ef43, ef44, ef45, ef46, ef47, ef48, ef49, ef50, ef51, ef52, ef53, ef54, ef55, ef56, ef57, ef58, ef59, ef60