Dazzle Rayon and Metallic~Sue Spargo Collection


8 WT. 6-PLYDecorative rayon/metallic thread

Bright Lustre and silky feel

50 yd spool

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Dazzle is a 100% rayon thread that contains one strand of metallic and has a silky smooth hand.

The pairing of two fibers with light reflective properties enhances the depth and textural effects of stitches.

Uses: Bobbin work, serving, couching, knitting, crochet, cording, fringes, bead work, thread painting, hand work

50 yard spool

All Colors in stock


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Sue Spargo Dazzle

1106-Raspberry Wine, 1123-Anemone, 1127-Apricot Blush, 1130-Claret Red, 1139-Golden Poppy, 1168-Bright Rose, 1176-Peach fuzz, 1179-Grenadine, 1180-Beetroot Purple, 1184-Mars Red, 2111-Limelight, 2117-Dandelion, 2124-Bistro, 2142-zinnia, 3116-Majolica Blue, 3119-Surf The Web, 3130-Aqua Sea, 3132-Blue Danube, 4110-Classic Green, 4120 Golden Oliver, 4131-Treetop, 4137-Cockatoo, 4141 -Deep Peacock Blue, 4146 Greenery, 4149-Macaw Green, 5105 Orchid Bloom, 5107-Hyacinth, 5110-Sparkling Grape, 5118-Prism Violet, 6103-Paloma, 6108-Frost Green, 7110-Ginger Bread, 7125-Licorice, 7126-Summer Shower, 7133-iron, 7134-French Roast

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