Konfetti Egyptian Cotton


50 Weight -3 Ply Egyptian Cotton, Double Gasses and Mercerized

Very low lint

1000 m Spools


Konfetti™ is a 50wt, 3-ply double-gassed and mercerized Egyptian cotton with a gorgeously soft, clean, and lustrous finish. Free of any type of wax or coating that can cause build up in machines, this super low lint thread is a popular choice for quilting and longarming due to its quality finish and low bulk. Available in 60 lovely solid colors.

* The process of double gassing involves burning off the lint from the thread two times, resulting in a much softer and cleaner finish.

1000 m Spools

all colors in stock



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Avocado Green, Baby Pink, Barn Red, Beige, Black, Blue, Blue/Grey, Brass Green, Brown, Brown/Grey, Burgundy, Carnation Pink, Christmas Red, Coral, Darb Orange, Dark Brown, Dark Christmas Green, Dark Ecru, Dark Gold, Dark Navy, Dark Olive, Dark Rose, Drab Rose, Drab Teal, Dusty Plum, Ecru, Gold, Grey Khaki, Ivory, Light Grey, Light Mauve, Light Sage Green, Mauve, Medium grey, Medium Peacock Blue, Mint Green, Navy, Nude, Olive Green, Pale Blue, Pale Grey, Pale Yellow, Peacock Blue, Pine Green, Purple, Rose, Rust, Sage Green, Sky Blue, Soft Black, Soft Pink, Soft White, Sterling Grey, Tan, Teal, Very Light Grey, Warm Brown, White, Yellow, Yellow Green

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