Tutti Egyptian Cotton Thread by Wonderfil


Material: 3-ply 100% Long Staple Double-Gassed Egyptian Cotton

Weight: 50wt

Sizes: 1000m (1094yd), 2286m (2500yd)

Colours: 41 Variegated Colours

Usages: Quilting, longarming, thread painting, cotton lace, serger, embroidery, hand piecing, machine appliqué, piecing, free motion quilting.

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Tutti™ is a 50wt, 3-ply Egyptian cotton thread, double-gassed and mercerized to create a wonderfully soft, clean, and lustrous finish. Free of waxes or coatings that can cause build up in machines, Tutti™ is a super low lint thread available in 41 lovely variegated colours.

* The process of double gassing involves burning off the lint from the thread two times, resulting in a much softer and cleaner finish.

Sold in 1000m Spools (1094 yd)

All colors in stock


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Tutti 50 Wt. Varigated

01-Sunny, 02-Bright Day, 03-Citrus, 04-Bumblebee, 05-Pansy, 06-Sunflower, 07-Oranges, 08-Sweet Potato, 09-Serenade, 10-Roses, 11-Tomato, 12-Strawberry, 13-Hibiscus, 14-Spring, 15-Carnation, 16-Grapes, 17-Mountains, 18-Blueberry, 19-lavender, 20-Storm, 21-Sky Blue, 22-Peacock, 23-Sea Blue, 24-Blue Night, 25-Fall Leaves, 26-Ocean, 27-Sage, 28-Lime, 29-Grass, 30-Leaves, 31-Evergreen, 32-Moss, 33-Wood Rose, 34-Box Turtle, 35-Clay, 36-Rock, 37-Shell, 38-Wheat, 39-Stone, 40-Slate, 41-Lamb

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