Braided Rayon~Painters Threads


100% rayon braided thread

10m/11 yd spool

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Soft braided tape made of rayon, which can be used for various applications and is very easy to work with. Due to its special construction, it can be laid flat and overcast with easet. It can be used for classic silk ribbon work, any stitch looks particularly beautiful and experiments in free textile work are particularly successful. If you pull on one or more of the braiding threads, the ribbon will ruffle and very special effects can be achieved.

Great for surface embroidery, ribbon embroidery, couching and much more. Beautiful sheen, lovely to work with both by hand stitching and machine embellishment.

Due to the special Painter's dyeing technique. which is used exclusively by us for yarns, the dye baths vary frequently and surprisingly. The yarns and fabrics are dyed individually, each dyeing results in a different picture, each piece is individual.  The stitched areas show a wonderfully subtle and continuous melange of colours. no repetitive pattern. This makes every project absolutely unique! All 40 colours harmonise uniquely with each other.

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