The Sidewinder~ Portable Bobbin Winder


Portable Bobbin winder

Runs on power cord or 2-AA batteries

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Our bobbin winder machine comes in a compact size that's perfect for use at home or at a friend's house. Made to fill your bobbins with thread evenly, this kit features the winding machine, a power cord, and a manual for your reference. Product measures 5.5in (L) x 4in (W) x 2.9in (H)

  • Color: White Case
  • Use: Bobbin winder
  • Size: 5.5in (L) x 4in (W) x 2.9in (H)


NOTE: Sidewinder works with most, but not all bobbins. At this time, we have identified the following machines that have bobbins that do not fit on the Sidewinder:

  • Singer Centaur II
  • Husqvarna Viking Sure Fit bobbin: part # 412 09 75-45


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