I have always struggled with mitered corners. I have many a story and samples that will highlight my “challenges” with mitered corners. Hey, we can’t be great at everything! ┬áThat is until I developed this method which will make creating mitered...
Couture Machine Embroidery

Couture Machine Embroidery

How  many times have you wanted to embroider on a special garment, but did not have the courage to carry out your plan? Maybe you could not visualize the finished product, or perhaps it was a difficult fabric or shape to hoop. In many instances, I have expensive...

Thread Mess “Nests”

Q: When I use my sewing machine, my thread tangles, my machine jams and I have a mess! What is causing this and how do I prevent it? A: This problem can be caused by several things and is one of the most common questions/problems that I am asked. There are two or...
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