How  many times have you wanted to embroider on a special garment, but did not have the courage to carry out your plan? Maybe you could not visualize the finished product, or perhaps it was a difficult fabric or shape to hoop. In many instances, I have expensive garments that I just don’t want to take the chance of making a mistake.  We all know that Murphy’s Law is alive and well in our sewing room.

I have developed a method which I call Couture Embroidery, in which I embroider on tulle, making the embroidery an Applique which I stitch onto the garment.

I have found this to be a wonderful creative tool, as I can create my embroideries and then play around with the layout before I stitch the embroideries down.

Click on this Couture embroidery PDF  for instructions.  Then go to your closet and grab that garment that you have been dreaming of embellishing with embroidery.  Let the creativity begin!

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