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6-Strand silk floss by Painters Thread

5 M/5.5 yard

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Luscious and Gorgeous 6-strand silk floss. Use as traditional embroidery floss or use all 6 strands together as bobbin work or couching in your machine. Threads are hand dyed to coordinate with our other Painters Thread products.

You will see that this product arrives with a nice twist so that you can use it for machine couching or bobbin work. Use the strands individually or group as double or triple for beautiful effects in hand embroidery.

5M/5.5 yd packages

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Soie de Paris

Agave P007, Aruba P002, Boucher 120, Cezanne 121, Chagall 110, Claude M (Monet) 104, Frida 111, Friedrich 129, Gabriele 119, Gaugin 105, Georgia 112, Grandma Moses 115, Hopper 113, IngeMeta 130, Island P001, Kandinsky 102, Kirchner 126, Klee 103, Klimt 106, Koala P008, Lawrence 114, Longan P009, Macke 101, Marc 128, Marianne 122, MaryC 118, Matisse 125, Niki 117, Peony P006, Picasso 109, Pomelo P004, Renoir 116, Riesling P003, Rousseau 108, Suricata P005, Syringa P010, Turner 124, VanGogh 107, Waterhouse 127, Wilhelmia 123

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