Q: I have a household embroidery machine and I want to start my own embroidery business.  Will my machine work for this?

A: The short answer is no.  Your machine (regardless of brand) was built for household use. If you are using it for a home business, this poses two potential problems.  First of all, the speed of your machine is slow compared to that of a commercial machine or a “bridge” embroidery machine.  The machine will probably work fine for a short time, but as your business begins to grow, you will soon find that the machine just will not run fast enough for you to keep up with your work.  You will find that you need to run the machine CONSTANTLY just to complete your orders, which leads us to the second point.

A household machine is not designed to run constantly.  A household machine uses sintered bearings or bushings. To put this simply, a sintered bearing has the lubricant contained inside the metal. As your machine runs and heats up, the metal will get warm and “sweat” the lubricant to keep your machine running. As the machine cools, capillary action will draw the lubricant back into the bearing.

When using a machine for household use, there is a lot of stop/start activity. This allows your machine to cool and the capillary action will occur.  When you run your machine constantly, as in a home business, the lubricant continues to run, so when the machine is finally allowed to cool the lubricant is no longer available to draw back into the metal.

A commercial and/or bridge (semi commercial) embroidery machine is designed to run constantly, thus avioding the ultimate failure of sintered bearings and bushings.  They use different methods for lubrication, preventing this failure.  While these machines may be more expensive than a household machine, they are worth every penny in terms of production output as well as dependability.

The initial investment of the proper equipment will serve you for years and pay for itself as your business grows.