Fusible No-Show Mesh Stabilizer-By the Roll-White


An iron-on light weight stabilizer that works well with knits.

12″ x 25 yard roll


Knits can be very tricky to hoop…..

Use this fusible stabilizer anytime you are embroidering on a Knit fabric. Fuse to the backside of the garment. Be sure to cut a piece larger than the hoop. It will provide extra stabilization for the needle and stitches and will also prevent distortion of the garment when hooping.

Also great for  light colored fabrics. It is invisible to the eye when viewed from the front. Very comfortable to the wearer, and can be combined with a tearaway for extra support while embroidering.  It is a temporary fuse, so after embroidering, the waste can be cut away.

It is 12″ wide, and is sold on a 25 yard roll

Additional information

Weight 0.5 lbs