Aqua Wonder Stabilizer-Peel and Stick-By the Roll


Fabric-like water soluble embroidery stabilizer with a peel and stick backing.

10″ wide, sold by 10 yard ┬ároll

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For specialty hooping projects such as embroidering on fine fabrics, velvets, etc.

This stabilizer for embroidery is an amazing product that feels like a non-woven interfacing but will dissolve quickly under lukewarm water. Strong and versatile, this is a great product for sweater toppings, lacemaking and yarn thread scarves. This product serves as a stable base yet disappears quickly under water and dries soft against the skin. In most instances, it only requires one layer and multiple projects can be sewn in one hooping due to its strength.

This is a peel and stick product, simply hoop the stabilizer, score away the paper backing and stick the garment to the hoop. After embroidery, the stabilizer will rinse easily away

Sold by the roll- 10″ x 10yard roll

10″ wide


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