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Amy’s Picks

AmySmithHere are a few products that I LOVE!

Sewing today has never been more exciting, yet, it is also more  technical. For the person re-entering the sewing market with a sewing machine that is over 30 years old, the experience can be overwhelming. Computerization, new features, new stitches and new techniques might make you feel like you have entered the twilight zone! But the machines I am featuring will put you into the modern sewing world but will also offer you simplicity and a great sewing/embroidering experience!





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Build As You Go” Machine Quilting Book

A totally new way to quilt!

Build As You Go jpegNo bulky seam allowance in this new “Build As You Go” Quilting method which uses Heat Press Batting Together to join your seams!  No struggling with bulky layers, fabrics and batting.  Creat your blocks individually and then BUILD your quilt after your blocks are complete!

Book includes three fun patterns including: Stitching Shindig, Funky Split Rail and Obsessed With Stitches!

Easy instructions, lots of photos, we guarantee that you will fall in love with your decorative stitches once you have tried this revolutionary technique!